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What it takes to grow a business? The answer (a probable one) is detachment. Yes, the more you get involved in everything, every problem coming in your business the more you will not be...

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I am 28 and half

Six more month and I will be 29. Thank you for reading this, I was filling bored and thought to write this shit to remind myself that I am getting awesomely old    ...

So how you should do business? 0

So how you should do business?

Its now close to four years that I am running my own business, but I am able to understand the real dynamics of business now. Business need time. And by time it doesn’t mean...

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The One Mind

Running too many things, results in nothing. But focusing on only thing, results in many things. So just keep your eye only on one stuff….only on one goal, one purpose.

Why you want to fight again ? 0

Why you want to fight again ?

Because I am still scared, I am still scared of losing, I am scared about fighting again, I am having lots of doubt, confusion, fear. And I don’t want to live with this all...

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Management lessons from Dhirubhai Ambani

This article is the result of an email forwarded by a friend of mine and after reading the email, I was sure it would qualify for this blog  . The email was about the learnings of Dhirubhai...

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What it takes to become Dhirubhai

Dhirubhai Ambani, a real life example of how dreams can be turned into reality, how impossible can be made possible and how the whole world become yours and giving dreams to millions of people...